User Management

An administrator can register users via the Manage Users Form.

Allow user's to register themselves via the User Registration Form choosing between:

  • Immediate approval of user registrations.
  • Registration requires Administrator approval.
  • Automatic approval via E-mail verification (default).

Members can use the Profile form to enter additional information about themselves after successfully registering.


Set optional Password Rules to require a minimum number of characters, miminum alpha characters, minimum numeric characters and more...

Optionally require password changes every n days.

Prevent user Fred from using password fred or derf or efdr or f1r2e3d.

SignIn, Recommend Site, Password Recovery, User Registration and Contact Request pages by default require visual confirmation of character strings to help guard against spam bots.

The Password Recovery function generates strong alpha-numeric passwords and sends to the E-mail address of the requesting user.


Ujima provides multiple options for blocking spam bots via CAPTCHA challenges. Choose reCAPTCHA, dynamic CAPTCHA image generation or upload and define your own CAPTCHA images.

More about Security and CAPTCHA


Variable Substitution

Variable Sustitution is performed as content is sent to the browser. For example if the variable {IP_ADDRESS} is included in the content being sent to the browser it will resolve to the visitor's IPAddress. In this case:

Today {YYYY/MM/DD} will resolve to 2024/07/21 and {MMMM} will resolve to July. The selection criteria for the contents of this page can be displayed via the {RETRIEVE_CRITERIA} variable and would resolve to:

AND (Every Lanquage OR English)
AND (Every Month OR Jul ) AND (Every Day OR Day21)
AND (Every Sunday OR the third Sunday )
AND (AllHours OR Hour8), AND (All Minutes OR Minute23)
AND (Guests OR AllUsers), AND (All Screen Widths OR Screen Width 1024)
AND External Users, AND Internal Users, AND Data Item Is Active

More on Substitution Variables


Time-Based Content

Define your content for the Christmas season and then set the time control variables so that the content retriever will only send the content to the browser during the time period December 1 through December 25 or whatever suits your needs.

No need to rush to get online and remove the content on December 26 as the content retriever will discontinue sending the content to the browser after December 25.


Cyclical and Random Content

Data can be defined as containing random items. The content retriever will randomly select one of the defined items and forward it to the browser.

Data can also be defined so that it is forwarded to the browser on every nth cycle. Where n represents a number defined by the user. Typical usage might be to display a coupon or "special offer" every 1000 page views.

Random and Cyclical functionality can be combined to for example display one of ten items every 1000 page vielws.



Intelligent calendaring support where recurring calendar events need be specified only once. Easily define events which occur on non-specific dates such as Labor Day (1st Monday in September) and Grandparent's Day (1st Sunday after Labor Day).

Each calendar event can be associated with a specific page.

View Events Calendar



Easily upload files without FTP. Optionally resize images and/or create thumbnails on upload.

  • Allow user downloads without .htaccess protected directories.
  • Limit user downloads to specific directories via the permissions system.
  • Add descriptive text to downloadable files without using long and awkward file names.


Email Capabilities

Build very simple to very advanced email content and send under controlled conditions to prevent overloading the server. Supports both SendMail and SMTP. Specify the hourly send limit, how many emails to send per batch, how long the mail processer should sleep (in seconds) after each batch and how many cycles to be run before the processor terminates.



Support for WYSIWYG Editors. Allow users to modify their site content using 'What You See Is What You Get' Editors which presents the user with a screen format similar to a word processor with support for inserting text formatting, tables, images, etc.

Currently supported editors include the TinyMCE editor and the  openWYSIWYG editor


Intra-Site Messaging

Allow visitors to leave messages on any page of your website.

Messaging Screen Print

Contact/Support form allows for a continuous bidirectional dialog until an issue is closed 


Your satisfied customers / clients can enter Testimonials telling about their expierience.

Approve submitted entries and they will appear on your testimonials page.

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